CEPC Agendas
Community Enhancement


Planning Commission (PC)

  • Serves a 4 year term

  • Conducts hearings, makes quasi-judicial land use decisions based upon application of the City's Comprehensive Land Use Plan, and Development Code. Consists of seven members who serve a four year term. Meets every third Wednesday of the month and on the fourth Wednesday as needed

  • Member List

Budget Committee (BC)

  • Serves a 3 year term

  • Advises the Council on budgetary and fiscal matters. Consists of Mayor, City Council and electors who serve a three year term. Meets February through April during the budgeting process, as needed

  • Member List

Parks Advisory Committee (PAC)

  • Serves a 3 year term

  • The Parks Advisory Committee makes recommendations on matters ralating to recreational lands (i.e. parks, open spaces and environmentally sensitive lands)

  • Member List

Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)

  • Serves a 3 year term
  • Makes recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council on land use issues. May act as the Troutdale Advisory Committee to study other issues as requested by the City Council. Consists of eleven members who serve a three year term. Meet on the 1st Wednesday of each month. Click HERE for more information

Urban Renewal Agency (URA)

  • Members: Doug Daoust(Chair), Rich Allen, Glen White, Norman Thomas, Eric Anderson, David Ripma, John Wilson

Riverfront Renewal Advisory Committee

  • Serves as an advisory board to the Urban Renewal Agency
  • Members: Chair Michael Wall, Pat Smith, John Wilson, Tana Canfield, Jeff Erwin, Carl Tebbens, Will Knight, Jean Ice, Ali Peret, James Gurtisen, Mo Haagenson

Historic Landmarks Commission (HLC)

  • Assists in promoting historic preservation in the City. It makes quasi-judicial land-use decisions about designation and alteration of historic landmarks. This is a new committee and a regular meeting date has not yet been set. Members should have demonstrated an interest in historic preservation through experience, training, or knowledge of this field

Community Enhancement Program Committee (CEPC)

  • Meets with community enhancement project grant applicants and approved project funding. Webpage
  • Members: City Council and the District 1 Metro Councilor. The Mayor and Metro Councilor serve as committee co-chairs.


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