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Imagination Station Restoration Update

Imagination Station was initially slated to have a grand opening in August. Unfortunately, that has been delayed to late September/October.

There are three main reasons that have played into the delay. FIRST – boulders were expected in the ground – they were present 25 years ago when the first Imagination Station was built. However, there were far more boulders and large rocks than anyone anticipated. SECOND – There was a total loss fire at the company which manufactures the parts. This is devastating for them but also for the time line of our project. • A competing company was called and they began making new parts for our structure. THIRD –there was an additional fire at the new company and the truck set to carry supplies/parts for this project was damaged. Those parts are now being remade.

Our builder is waiting to hear back for a date of delivery of the new parts. As soon as they arrive the building team will be back on site to complete the project. We will update the website and FB with all info including dates.
What they desire most is a community of volunteers who are vested and excited in joining them to rebuild Imagination Station for all children to come and enjoy!

VOLUNTEERS ~ Please come join us – We’re excited to build with you!! Volunteers are encouraged to assist during construction!!!

There is a job for everyone regardless of your skill level! Children are welcome but must be with a parent. Age 6 and up only; thank you! It is still a construction zone and safety for all the kids is the number one priority!

(See current schedule listed below)! Come with your family, a group of friends or an organized group (church, boy/girl scouts, sports teams, etc.)

Site closed until late-September

Please join us for our next Volunteer Rebuild Weekend ---- The next Volunteer Rebuild Weekend will be scheduled once new parts have been delivered. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook for more information!

Please volunteer anytime during the week - Monday thru Friday between 7:00 am - 7:00 pm beginning late-September! Dates pending on new parts arriving. Updates will be posted weekly!

Once we have open volunteer times it will be posted on website and Facebook. At that time, please join us for 1-2 hours or the whole day!!! Any amount of time is great!!! :) Just come to the park during the hours listed above and sign in ~ it’s that easy! Come be a part of history!!! We look forward to seeing you!

Volunteers will need sturdy shoes. Gloves are encouraged, if you have them.

Imagination Station is located in Columbia Park at 1900 SW Cherry Park Road Troutdale, OR 97060. The park is next to Reynolds High School.

If you have questions please contact Kimberly Carl at or call 503-674-7256.

Thank you for joining us in rebuilding Imagination Station – Troutdale’s treasured community park & playground!

















This Page Was Last Updated September 11, 2018

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